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JustisOne updates – August 2019

JustisOne updates – August 2019

Posted by david-hand | 28 August 2019

In August we added the following JustisOne updates:

Printing full-text documents directly

As a result of valuable feedback from our customers, you can now print judgments and legislation directly from the document screen by selecting the ‘Print Full Text’ option. This will print the on-screen version of the document, which is not the same as printing the PDF version.

When printing legislation, this will enable you to print a specific section of an Act. Simply select the section you want to from the drop-down menu, and the ‘Print Full Text’ option will only print that section.

JustisOne Print Full Text

Printing judgments with this feature will benefit subscribers of our Irish and New Zealand case law collections. The PDFs available are direct from the courts, while the on-screen versions of Justis Irish Cases and The Law Report contain additional editorial content such as a digest summarising the judgment.

My Justis overview search

It is now possible to re-run your most recent search from the My Justis overview. Simply click on the search terms and you will be taken to the JustisOne search results screen.

If you would like to receive training on recent updates to JustisOne, or a more in-depth training session on the platform, please contact training@justis.com




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