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JustisOne updates – May 2019

JustisOne updates – May 2019

Posted by david-hand | 31 May 2019

In May we added the following JustisOne updates:

Improved results display

After receiving valuable feedback from our customers, we have improved the display of search results in JustisOne, as shown below. The search results now include:

  • The neutral citation on the result card, if one exists.
  • Icons to differentiate between judgment and reported versions of cases.
  • The parallel citations for the case. Following the neutral citation, these are ordered by authority, and a tooltip for each citation will display the name of the report series.
  • If you include a citation in your search terms, this will be highlighted in orange in the parallel citations.

JustisOne updates


Filtering tooltip

When you have applied a filter to the search results, highlighted by the ‘Filter Results’ text appearing in orange, there is now a tooltip which will inform you which filters are applied, as shown above.

UK legislation metadata

The metadata for UK legislation is now available to customers that don’t subscribe to our UK Core collection. This means that they can now see the content in the Citing Cases, Amending Items and Amended Items tabs.

If you have any feedback on these updates or any other feature of JustisOne, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact marketing@justis.com with anything you would like to share about JustisOne.

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