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LegalTech Meet-up

LegalTech Meet-up

Posted by matt-terrell | 03 May 2018

Professionals from both the legal and technology sectors gathered at the Justis HQ on Wednesday 25th April 2018 to listen to our influential panelists discuss the changes, trends and challenges of procurement in the legal technology sector. 

Our panel, chaired by Managing Director of Cosmonauts, Timo Karakashev, included the Head of Commercial Development at Justis, Aidan Hawes; General Manager of Marketing for InfoTrack, Adam Bullion; Head of Business Development at RubyDatum, Andrew Maynard; and VP EMEA for Seal-Software, Toby Hannon. 

The event was introduced with a key speaker, Head of Technology for Justis, Dean Pendley, who delivered a presentation on Technology Development Vs International Growth.

“It was an absolute pleasure to host our evening panel on ‘How do Legal-tech companies overcome the challenge of procurement?’ with our colleagues from Justis! The event gathered attendees from both well-established legal innovation firms, as well as some founders of exciting start-ups. The opinions and questions were diverse, but mostly the discussion circulated around collaboration and how we, collectively as an industry, can overcome the procurement challenges represented by the organisational structure of the modern law firm.” Timo Karakashev – Managing Director, Cosmonauts

The evening was live-streamed to the Cosmonaut’s YouTube channel, and is available to watch on-demand. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended, and invite you all to join us at the next legal technology meet-up on the 24th May 2018, and also at the Future Lawyers Summit on the 29th May 2018, where Justis’ Head of Editorial Content will be giving their expert opinion in two panel discussions.

Upcoming legal technology events:

The Next Generation of Lawyers and Legal Technology – 24th May 2018 – Find out more

Future Lawyers Summit – 29th May 2018 – Find out more

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