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The Maritime Law Book on JustisOne

The Maritime Law Book on JustisOne

Posted by david-hand | 05 September 2019

JustisOne will now house the Maritime Law Book, containing over 310,000 judgments from 1969 to 2016. The Maritime Law Book is one of the most significant and comprehensive resources of Canadian case law available. This is available alongside JustisOne’s already extensive collection of Canadian case law from 1876 onwards, available on an AI-powered platform to enhance your legal research.

Maritime Law Book coverage

Alberta Reports, from 1976, includes over 25,000 cases with headnotes

British Columbia Appeal Cases, from 1991, includes over 12,500 cases with headnotes

British Columbia Trial Cases, from 1999, includes nearly 7,700 cases with headnotes

Federal Trial Reports, from 1986, includes over 14,700 cases with headnotes

Manitoba Reports (2d), from 1979, includes over 13,400 cases with headnotes

New Brunswick Reports (2d), from 1968, includes over 16,000 cases with headnotes

Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island Reports, from 1970, includes over 14,500 cases with headnotes

National Reporter, from 1973, includes nearly 12,000 cases with headnotes

Nova Scotia Reports (2d), from 1969, includes over 17,800 cases with headnotes

Ontario Appeal Cases, from 1984, includes over 13,400 cases with headnotes

Ontario Trial Cases, from 1996, includes over 13,300 cases with headnotes

Saskatchewan Reports, from 1979, includes over 19,400 cases with headnotes


Access the Maritime Law Book

Both new and existing customers can access this new collection on JustisOne from September 2019. Contact us to learn how you can subscribe to the Maritime Law Book on JustisOne.

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