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New additions to the UK Core Collection

New additions to the UK Core Collection

Posted by david-hand | 25 September 2020

Updated daily, our UK Core Collection makes the largest collection of cases from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court available for your research. This is available alongside the full legislative history of the UK, books, journals, newspapers, and the latest legal news and commentary from top law firms.

To enhance the legal research that can be conduct with this important collection, we have recently increased our UK coverage on vLex Justis to include:

  • The Employment Tribunal
  • The Crown Court
  • The County Court
  • The Magistrates Court

These new additions further grow what is already the largest collection of UK judgments, and add to the specialist resources available on vLex Justis.

vLex Justis precedent map

Access UK legal information on an intelligent platform powered by AI

Accessing UK legal information on vLex Justis will bring intuitive search and analysis tools to your research. For example, the AI-powered legal research assistant, Vincent, will identify important cases by combining human search behaviour with machine speed. Powerful visualisation features such as the Precedent Map and Key Passages allow for new insights to be drawn from this vast collection of legal information.

Access the UK Core Collection on vLex Justis today with a 3-day free trial.

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