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New content – March 2019

New content – March 2019

Posted by david-hand | 01 April 2019

In March 2019 we added 1,563 cases to JustisOne:

United Kingdom  
E&W Judgments Civil 251
E&W Judgments Criminal 16
E&W Judgments HoL/SC 16
CCH British Tax Cases 40
CCH British VAT Cases 18
Justis Irish Case Law 179
Ontario (CA) 92
British Columbia (SC, CA) 191
Alberta (CA, QB, PC) 147
Saskatchewan (CA) 3
High Court of Australia 5
New South Wales Judgments 269
Victoria Judgments 152
Australian Capital Territory Judgments 44
New Zealand  
New Zealand Law Reports 11
Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court 46
CariLaw 34
Human Rights Case Law 49

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