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Setting up your account

Follow these steps to get started, set up your IP authentication, access admin and user guides, plus much more.


There is usually one or more administrators for each account. To set someone as an administrator, please let us know which of your users you have chosen. Administrators are able to maintain the user list by adding and removing users, request training and resources, and request to add IP ranges.

Under Settings, administrators can customise JustisOne’s links to third party sources. You are able to tell the service which online subscriptions that you have and allow you to link seamlessly to those you do have access to, and grey out any that you don’t have access to. Administrators are also able to save jurisdictions settings for all users.

JustisOne Admin tools (PDF)

JustCite admin guide (PDF)

UK Case Law and UK Legislation


There are a variety of ways you can access your new subscription. These are:

Username & Password – Upon arriving at the website, users will be asked to sign in using a userID and password. To set up users, please send us a list of the names and email addresses of users, in an Excel spreadsheet (use template below).

Athens & Your Home Institution – Primarily used by academics, Justis accepts both Athens and Your Home Institution. To get this access set up, please send us your code.

Download new user template

IP authentication

IP authentication – Allows your users to log in seamlessly without signing in. To enable this, please send your IP range(s) to helpdesk@justis.com. IP ranges need to be unique to your organisation to be accepted.

If you use a Proxy server for offsite access, please send us the IP range, and let us know that you are using a proxy.

(Please note, IP authentication can affect customisable functionality such as History and Jurisdiction settings.)

Alongside IP access, you are able to register individuals with their email addresses and passwords. They can then override the IP and sign in as themselves to avail of the customisable features.

If you wish for users to be able to use the service off site, please let us know, so that we can enable roaming.

Training resources

Once you have added all users onto the service. You can access and distribute our training service which are located on our resources page. There are video guides, downloadable PDF guides, links to our full support pages and contact details for training and our helpdesk.

To ensure all users are knowledgeable about the new service, features and all important information regarding accessing content, please distribute these resources to all users.

View resources

Contact us for support

For help using Justis products or account administration please contact our helpdesk.

To arrange a training session or discuss our webinars please contact our training department. Training is free for all Justis customers and available online. In-person training sessions are available in some areas of the UK and Ireland.

helpdesk@justis.com  |  +44 (0)20 7267 8989

training@justis.com  |  +44 (0)20 7284 8083