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Newsletter update – 30 years of news

Newsletter update – 30 years of news

Posted by david-hand | 29 November 2019

Welcome to the Justis Newsletter. This is a newsletter produced for the user of the on-line service from Context Legal Systems. 

This was the first sentence of the first-ever Justis newsletter in June of 1987. This same newsletter also announced the momentous change in the name of our service from Context to Justisa name that has become internationally recognised since. Today, the Justis newsletter is read by thousands of legal practitioners, academics and librarians world wide. We are therefore pleased to share with you that the newsletter will be updated in the new year and expanding its reach following the acquisition of Justis by vLex earlier this year.

The new newsletter will keep the same interesting content, updates and news that it has always done, but will have a new look and feel, and contain extra news and updates for our vLex customers. 

Justis newsletter

Before we update the newsletter, we would like to share with you some of our past newsletters from the 1980s and 1990s below, to show how far our newsletter has come and to recognise the importance of the newsletter in our industry.

From delivering updates on services, to helping our customers access more case law, to the digitisation of inaccessible judgments and the development of tools and features that have improved legal research around the world, the newsletter has always been our favoured method of disseminating the news.

We are pleased that the newsletter continues to this day and would like to welcome our customers to share with us their improvements and suggestions so that we may continue to make this monthly communication piece something you will continue to enjoy for many years. If you would like to share your suggestions with us, please contact us at marketinglondon@vlex.com

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