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NZLLA and ALLA online vLex Justis party

NZLLA and ALLA online vLex Justis party

Posted by matt-terrell | 04 May 2020

Law library conferences around the globe are always the highlight of our year. As our international friends and colleagues know, the vLex Justis team always enjoy starting things off on a high note by hosting a social event, where old friends can reconnect and new friendships can be made. Can we capture the magic of those events in virtual parties? Let’s find out together! 

Your hosts for this event will be Masoud Gerami, Aidan Hawes and Fojan Nourouzi. They will be joined by special guests Theresa Buller, President of NZLLA and Kate Freedman, President of ALLA.

This free-to-attend parties will be held on Zoom, and their free accounts will make it easy to interact and show your creativity with things like virtual backgrounds! Attendees can participate from anywhere, and all parties are open to anyone who wishes to join in the fun! 

Please register to attend using the link below to join the online party on Thursday 21st May at 4pm AWST / 6PM AEST / 8pm NZST

Register for the NZLLA and ALLA Online Party

Everything you need to know about NZLLA & ALLA online vLex Justis party

While this is a party, we’ve organised a structure and activities to allow everyone a chance to talk, enjoy, and win a prize or two! 

Unofficial party agenda

Introductions: A welcome to all guests, from the vLex Justis hosts and the presidents of the Law Library Associations. 

Storytime: What’s everyone been up to?! To kick-off the party, we want to hear from you. This is your chance to share your funny and light-hearted stories of working from home. Have your pets become your new work colleagues? Is your spouse breaking in-office policies? Have you discovered a life hack we all need to know? Send us a short write-up of your story ahead of the party so we know to call on you to share it.

Pub quiz, with your glamorous hosts: Our hosts Aidan and Masoud will be delivering a fun-packed quiz! Make sure you have a pen and paper ready!

Show us what you’ve got! It’s your time to show us your party theme outfits. There will be a prize for the best dressed!

It’s Open Mic Night at Masoud’s Tavern! Keeping with the theme that we’re all in this together, this is a chance for you to share what’s happening where you are, share any tips and advice for WFH, or you might just want to say Hi to a friend you were hoping to see at the conference. The bar is open, so there will be a few beers on ice, but tea and coffee will be served too for those in different timezones. It’s always happy-hour in Masoud’s Tavern, so if you’re a whiz at cocktails, show us what you can make, and it could become the drink of choice for our future parties. 

Music (possibly live) and final remarks: As this is a party, we are inviting you to see the party out with your party tricks! So whether you play an instrument, sing or have any other skills your wish to showcase in your repertoire, now is your chance. Let us know if you’d like to be in the showcase or maybe strategically place your guitar in frame as a subtle hint. 


Other information (in order of importance)

Virtual background: Bring your best virtual background to the party. If you’re new to Zoom, here’s a quick video guide on how to change your background. Also, you might want to google the best and funniest backgrounds to use for zoom.

Theme – What do I wear? As with all good vLex Justis parties, there will be a theme! To get everyone in good spirits by remembering old times, the party theme will be A trip down memory lane – come prepared with photos of vLex Justis parties at ALLA and NZLLA events gone by, and dress for the occasion! We’ll be asking those who are taking part to stand up and give up a show-stopping twirl in your outfits. If you’re taking part, let us know at the start of the party using the chat window. 

Virtual after party? Yes. We anticipate there will be a virtual afterparty for those who like to stay late at the Justis parties!

Can I turn up late: Yes. But if you leave early we will talk about you – it’s the venue’s policy! 

Can I bring a +1? Yes, please share the link with them. 

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