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Where to start looking for a case?

Where to start looking for a case?

Posted by david-hand | 14 June 2018

Many lawyers across the Commonwealth look towards other jurisdictions when finding potentially influential and binding case law. With hundreds of sources of legal information, all containing different cases from different jurisdictions, where do you start looking for a case? 

If you conduct legal research within the Commonwealth, specifically in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the Caribbean, our team have created a solution to help you find the cases you need without searching across multiple online databases. 

Single point of entry for case law research


The feature is called SourceLink. This enables you to open JustisOne, and simply start looking for a case you need, using the title, citation, categories and practice areas, free text and more. You can do this from the smart search bar located at the top. 

The results show you cases from our own full-text database, and from an additional 120 other online case law services, covering over 25 common law jurisdictions. We display treatment information for cases, even those located on other services, and do not restrict your search to our own cases or place them at the top of the results. Our goal is to help you find the case you need

Sourcelink JustisOne find cases

As well as making the process of finding cases extremely time efficient, JustisOne reduces the risk of utilising a case that has been subsequently negatively treated by a case in another influential jurisdiction. This information has been too difficult and time-consuming to attain before now, but JustisOne will enable you to ensure that you are conducting thorough legal research, and considering binding and persuasive cases across multiple jurisdictions.

Justis has spent the last few years creating a service which can make the linking of cases from different jurisdictions easier and more time efficient than ever before. To find out more about JustisOne and these cross-jurisdictional tools, or for a demonstration, please contact us.


All logos and names of publishers, commercial providers and services are provided to us by the respective organisations operating these services and are shown here for an accurate representation of the services. Linking to external services may require additional subscriptions with third parties which are not included in Justis subscriptions.

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