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Subsequently citing passages – Citeline

Subsequently citing passages – Citeline

Posted by david-hand | 29 March 2019

It is important to be able to determine if a case is relevant to your matter at hand, and this goes beyond simply determining if it remains good law – any case also needs to be applicable to the circumstances that you are aiming to use it for. The only way to achieve this with certainty is to read the ways in which a case has been subsequently cited.

Traditionally, this means locating the cases which subsequently cite your case and reading through them to locate any reference to the case you are researching. This involves either printing out multiple cases and highlighting specific references or having different cases open on numerous browser tabs. With Citeline, this process is a thing of the past.

Citeline effectively completes these steps for you, enabling you to view all of the subsequently cited passages in a single place, saving you a huge amount of time. To access Citeline, select the Citing Cases tab on any case, then click All Citing Cases. All subsequently citing passages will be displayed on individual Case Cards, as shown below.

JustisOne Citeline

The ‘traffic light’ icons below the case cards indicate how many cases there are and offer an indication of the treatment given. Moving the mouse over one of these icons will give more detail about the treatment given, alongside the case name. To navigate to a case simply click on the corresponding icon.

JustisOne Citeline

Clicking the ‘Go to paragraph’ button will open the judgment of the subsequently citing case, and navigate to the relevant paragraph, enabling you to see the surrounding arguments. In JustisOne’s ‘Multiple View’ mode, as shown above, these can be viewed side-by-side with the original case, which can assist in drawing comparisons between the legal points being discussed in each case.

To learn more about Citeline, and how the other advanced search and analysis tools in JustisOne can benefit your legal research, please fill out this form to arrange a demonstration. 

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