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JustisOne, our flagship legal research platform, gives you access to the most comprehensive collection of common law cases, alongside advanced legal technology. This unique combination of content and technology allows you to access more cases, and conduct efficient, exhaustive and thorough legal research.

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JustisOne doesn’t restrict your search to our content. Find cases from over 120 services, across 26 jurisdictions, to ensure your research is exhaustive.


For over 30 years vLex Justis products and services have been trusted by leading international law firms, government departments, and top law schools from over 40 countries.


See at a glance where an authority has been considered, view the most cited passage of a case, and refine your search using JustisOne’s advanced tools.

JustisOne gives you access to the most comprehensive collection of common law cases, including a large selection of exclusive cases and an extensive collection of legislation.


Searchable cases


Jurisdictions covered


Legislative provisions

Combine resources


Many online case law providers restrict your searches to their content. JustisOne is different, and allows you to find cases across 120 other online services, even if the full text of the case is not on JustisOne.

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UK Case Law and UK Legislation

Key passages


To ensure you can view the most cited passage of a judgment, JustisOne scans and cross-references the entire judgment transcript with over 500,000 other cases, updating the most cited passages in real time. The heat map over the text provides a visual guide for heavily cited passages. Simply click on the passage to see the paragraph number, case name, court and jurisdiction of the citing case.

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UK Case Law and UK Legislation



Focus on the key parts of a case using JustisOne’s CiteLine feature. This extracts the relevant paragraphs from subsequent citing cases so you can easily see in detail how the case has been treated since the judgment was passed.

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Trusted by international law firms, government departments, public companies, sole practitioners and law schools from over 40 countries.


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Comparative law


JustisOne allows you to view judgements side-by-side from different jurisdictions. Our legally trained editors cross-reference citations, enabling you to link directly to persuasive and binding cases from multiple jurisdictions.

Find the case you need


Important cases are often reported in different series and publications. JustisOne links together the different citations and versions of a case, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and without unnecessary duplication.

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Advanced legal technology


Hear from Masoud Gerami, Managing Director, and the vLex Justis team on what makes JustisOne different from other legal research platforms.

Search your way


JustisOne’s search bar can automatically identify citations, cases, court names and categories while supporting Boolean search operators. You can also use the advanced search feature to further refine your searches, filter by reported series and core products.

Title[Stack v Dowden] Category[Trust] Court[court of appeal (civil division)]

Practice areas


Refine your searches with the world’s largest legal taxonomy containing over 1,500,000 terms and key phrases, and explore categories within 46 practice areas with increasing precision, using JustisOne’s category browser.

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“I think this is a really great addition to JustisOne, and one that you may find helpful in your research. Foreign law research can be quite daunting, but with this new browse function walking you through legal topics, not just entering key words in and hoping for the best, you may find case law searching from the Commonwealth to be a fair bit easier.”

Jennifer Walker, Head Librarian, Country of Carlton Law Association

Precedent map


See at a glance where an authority has been considered, using JustisOne’s Precedent Map. Case treatments are ordered chronologically, enabling you to quickly understand the current status of a case.

JustisOne’s advanced legal technology helps you find related cases at speed, in ways that are not possible through a direct search.

Case treatments


Our legally qualified editors manually specify case treatments, using fourteen different treatment types (such as considered, applied, overruled or distinguished), to provide you with a precise status of the law.

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Citations in context


There are over 100,000 citation relationships between different jurisdictions in JustisOne. Simply use the citations in context feature to highlight these relationships.

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Download & Read


Access and download signed and stamped PDFs of judgments. You can choose to download the case transcript, the reported version if available, an overview and both cited and citing cases. You can also turn on Read Mode, to view only the judgment you are researching.



Access legislation as enacted, see the latest revisions, amended and amending items, and link directly to consolidated legislation from a relevant provider.

UK Case Law and UK Legislation



If a case has been overruled or heard in a higher court, JustisOne will let you know with on-screen notifications.



Manage your organisation’s access, update your IP recognition settings, send informative user guides, request training and more with our admin portal.



JustisOne is mobile responsive to ensure you can access cases inside and outside of your office, on a device that suits you.

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