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The law student handbook

The law student handbook

Posted by david-hand | 21 September 2018

Whether you’re a new law student or going into your final year, there are always opportunities for you to stand out above the rest, especially when it comes to essay writing and applying for training contracts.

To help you in both of these situations, we asked some law graduates to help us create a student handbook to help you improve your legal research skills and better prepare you for life after university.

Justis Student Handbook

Do I need this handbook?

Yes, legal research skills are highly desirable and valuable for securing a training contract or pupillage and excelling in your legal profession.

A good legal researcher will understand the fundamentals of court structures, law reporting, how and where to look for relevant case law and legislation, how to identify good law and understand how to utilise technology to ensure their time is used efficiently.

The law student handbook is therefore designed for current law students, to help you learn and improve your legal research skills, and stand out from the crowd when applying for your training contract or pupillage.

So, whether you are a new law student just beginning your LLB or preparing for your future career on a vocational course like the LPC or BPTC, this guide is designed to help you during your university life and beyond.


How will this handbook help me?

This handbook will cover the fundamentals of legal research and teach you how to conduct legal research using JustisOne.


Why JustisOne?

Firstly, many law firms and chambers already use JustisOne when conducting research. For over 30 years Justis products and services have been trusted by government organisations, leading international law firms, barristers’ chambers, academic institutions, public companies, and sole practitioners from over 40 countries.

This includes over 150,000 legal professionals and educational users from over 185 top law schools. Knowing how to use JustisOne will help you stand out as a candidate that can easily adapt to organisations across the world.

Secondly, JustisOne acts as a single point of entry for your research. Rather than spending time searching multiple databases, you can locate content on over 120 other sources, including Westlaw, LexisNexis and BAILII, all at once. This will enable you to be more efficient in your legal research, and spend less time searching and more time learning about the law.

Download the student handbook.

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