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The vLex Justis law librarian parties

The vLex Justis law librarian parties

Posted by david-hand | 24 April 2020

With law librarian conferences around the world being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in April we hosted three online parties to bring the librarian community together at this challenging time. As the annual vLex Justis parties are a conference highlight for many, we tried to capture some of that same magic online for our friends and colleagues in Canada, the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom and others around the world. We’d like to share some of the highlights from those parties with you.

We were privileged that the current presidents of BIALL, Renate Ní Uigín, CALL, Shaunna Mireau, and AALL, Michelle Cosby, joined us to share a few words with their association members, alongside former presidents, committee members, and the president of IALL, Kurt Carroll. The parties opened with video messages from those who couldn’t join us, including ALLA president Kate Freedman.

Embracing the spirit of the event, everyone who attended the party was swapping stories of their experiences of working from home, and the amusing anecdotes that working alongside children and pets can bring.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a vLex Justis party without a theme, and at each party people rose to the challenge of dressing in true work from home style – business on the top, casual on the bottom. Taking advantage of the online venue, there was also a range of interesting and creative virtual backgrounds, from large supplies of toilet paper to carefully crafted mock notice boards. With prizes for the best dressed and the best background, as well as the winner of a short quiz, the competition was fierce!

The winners of the quiz at each of the three parties were Shaunna Mireau, Renate Ní Uigín and Ken Hirsch.

With a lot of fun and creative efforts to decide between, we awarded Michelle Gerrits, Charlie Brampton and Roger Skalbeck with prizes for the best backgrounds at each event.

As competition for best dressed was so high, we decided to award two prizes at each event. Alan Kilpatrick and Betty Dykstra were the winners at the Canadian party, Anneli Sarkanen and Maria Robertson at the UK and Ireland party, and Amy Flick and Kurt Carroll at the American party.

Ultimately, these parties showed the importance of community spirit during these extraordinary times, and they were filled with the characteristic warmth of the librarian community which make the conferences that we attend the highlight of our year.

Our planning committee, pictured below, is hard at work making arrangements for those in other parts of the world, who we didn’t get to see at the online parties April. Keep an eye out for more information in the weeks ahead.

vLex Justis party planning



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