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What is the difference between US and UK dockets?

What is the difference between US and UK dockets?

Posted by david-hand | 31 July 2020

While dockets are most commonly associated with US law, vLex Justis contains a collection of UK dockets from superior courts, which are updated daily. It is important to note that dockets contain different information based on the courts in different jurisdictions. But what are the differences between US and UK dockets?

US dockets

Dockets from the United States are the main ongoing record relating to a case, put together by a court. Typically, they include a chronological listing of all papers filed by the parties, a collection of documents issued by the court including orders and judgments and a record of appearances, verdicts and other in-court events.

In the United States, federal court dockets are considered public records, and they are most widely available through the Public Access Court Electronic Records (PACER) system.

UK dockets

Beginning with the initial filing, UK dockets provide an ongoing record of the progress of a particular case, containing a history of document filings and orders. Unlike a US docket this does not include the documents themselves, but a dated list of events.

Unlike the US, court dockets in the UK are not considered public records by default. It is common that access must be requested, or that they require the judge’s permission to be released.

Where can I access UK dockets?

vLex Justis contains a collection of over 200,000 UK dockets from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal dating back to 2019, and from the High Court dating back to 2010. Updated daily, and with powerful alerting and following features, researchers will always have access to the latest information when they need it.

Explore the UK dockets collection on vLex Justis today with a 14-day free trial.

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