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Using Boolean search operators with JustisOne

Using Boolean search operators with JustisOne

Posted by david-hand | 28 September 2018

There are many ways to search for cases, legislation and EU law on JustisOne. The quickest way is to use our intelligent search bar at the top of the screen.

You can use this search bar to search for citations, categories, names of cases/legislation/EU law, key words and phrases. You can also use Boolean search operators.

You can also use Boolean search operators with any of the Advanced Search fields too. For example, we’ve included a variety of Boolean operators in the Cases tab of the Advanced Search feature, including fuzzy and variant searching, a date operator and a simple NOT operator.

JustisOne Boolean operator

You may have noticed in the example above that if you want to search for a phrase, enclose it in double quotation marks e.g. “duty of care”.

Additionally, when you fill in the Advanced Search form this also populates the intelligent search bar at the top.

JustisOne Boolean operator

The results for this search above shows cases with the name ‘Smith’ from before 2000, categorised with “Duty of Care”.

To learn more about using Boolean within JustisOne, and the various search operators that will work, visit our support page.

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