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vLex Justis brings visualisation to legal information research

vLex Justis brings visualisation to legal information research

Posted by matt-terrell | 18 August 2020

London – August 2020


The Precedent Map from vLex Justis, a powerful visualisation tool that displays the relationships between cases, is now available for the first time to researchers around the world to help them discover important authorities with ease from both common and civil law jurisdictions.

This important update provides lawyers, firms, and academics with access to a new time-saving tool that can enhance their research and understanding of the law, and the ability to view the relevance of a case in a way not possible before. 

From this week, the Precedent map is now available for common law and civil law cases from the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, regions of Latin America, Australia and Asia. 

Legal Data Visualisation


When using traditional legal research methods, it can require hours of reading to identify all relevant and related cases, but you can now achieve this in minutes with the Precedent Map. Furthermore, users of vLex Justis are now empowered with knowledge about judgments and their relationships that is not visible at all in list format.

Some other case law providers have followed in the Precedent Map’s footsteps and have introduced visualisation to case law, but the Precedent Map’s ability to save the user valuable time by identifying related cases and in understanding the treatment of both cited and citing cases have been part of the feature’s appeal since its creation.

“One of the things we have always tried to do at vLex Justis is to make the law more accessible and enable anyone conducting research to gain new insights from the material they need. The Precedent Map is a perfect example of how we have been able to achieve that. Being able to offer that functionality to our customers who research civil law is something we are very excited about” Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product, vLex Justis.


A history of innovation 


vLex Justis has a long history of innovation and pushing the boundaries of legal research. Notably, the company provided case law on CD-ROM  for the first time in the UK, created the first commercial version of the EU case law database, and connected multiple case law databases via their indexed content feature. Today, data visualisation forms part of the company’s history. 

The iconic and original Precedent Map was launched on the company’s popular citator service, JustCite, and developed for common law research. The popularity of this feature means it has always maintained its place amongst the company’s many unique features. Enhanced again on vLex Justis, the Precedent Map is now available to help legal researchers in civil law jurisdictions as well as common law.

Our dedicated training team explain the features of the Precedent Map for common law jurisdictions.


Try the Precedent Map for free


With data visualisation, you really need to see it for yourself! Explore the Precedent Map with a free 3-day trial of one of our case law collections, which includes the largest collections of Irish, Caribbean or UK superior court cases, and also our new Southeast Asian collection.

Sign up today to explore the Precedent Map, and other intelligent features on vLex Justis, such as Key Passages, Citations and Sources, and Vincent – your new AI-powered legal research assistant.

vLex Justis 3-day free trial

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