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vLex launch leading AI-powered legal research assistant for 20 new jurisdictions

vLex launch leading AI-powered legal research assistant for 20 new jurisdictions

Posted by david-hand | 06 November 2020

London – November 2020

Vincent, a leading AI-powered legal research assistant available from vLex, is now trained in the laws of 20 new jurisdictions, including Australia, New Zealand, and 18 Caribbean countries. By combining human search behaviour with machine speed, Vincent enables law firms, researchers and law schools to go beyond traditional research methods with easy-to-use technology to save time and enhance their work.

A new standard in legal research


vLex’s powerful search and discovery legal research assistant, Vincent, is the first of its kind in Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables researchers to start with their own documents, such as domestic or international case law, a skeleton argument, or other legal documents.

Documents will be read by Vincent, to identify citations, key phrases, party names and other important information, and then a unique set of highly relevant search results will be returned, a process which would have otherwise taken hours to compile.  

The real power of this smart tool comes from its integration with the large collections of case law from these key jurisdictions and other jurisdictions of relevance including the UK. This provides an advantageous starting point for any research, and ensures that important cases are being considered by Vincent.

“As the volume of legal information available around the world continues to grow, we are committed to providing new ways to enhance the research our customers can conduct. Vincent is already established in other jurisdictions, including the UK, US and Ireland, and we are sure that anyone conducting research on the laws of Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean will gain a great benefit from this powerful new way to conduct legal research.”

Aidan Hawes, Head of Commercial Development for vLex Global Markets.

vLex VincentAdvancing global legal research 


vLex’s investment to support lawyers, firms, academics and librarians around the world goes beyond their technology. Offering a new collection of New Zealand case law, an extensive collection of Australian judgments, and the largest collection of Caribbean cases including the exclusive CariLaw collection, researchers can benefit from extensive resources in the research of these jurisdictions.

Those who are interested in international, comparative or foreign law, can also use vLex services to access legal information from over 130 jurisdictions on one platform, including the largest collection of UK superior court judgments, the largest collection of Irish law, and extensive coverage of federal and state law from the United States. While some legal research services compartmentalise their case law collections, vLex provides access to a world of legal information on a single service.

Try Vincent for Free


To mark the launch of Vincent in Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean, new and existing customers are now able to take out a free trial of Vincent on vLex Justis. 

While Vincent and vLex’s legal research services are intuitive, all free trials are complemented with an online demonstration of the service for individuals and teams, to ensure you can take full advantage of all available features. 

Learn more about Vincent and sign up for a free trial on our Vincent for Australia, New Zealand or the Caribbean.

About vLex


vLex provides access to a comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 20 years ago, vLex provides a first-class and comprehensive service for thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. vLex acquired Justis Publishing in March 2019, and have integrated their content and features into the flagship vLex Justis platform.

Their team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts continually strive to deliver up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology.

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