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Where can I find litigation data?

Where can I find litigation data?

Posted by david-hand | 31 July 2020

If you need to find and access large volumes of global litigation data, vLex Justis houses the largest online collections, including both common and civil law jurisdictions, making it an essential service for investigations, intelligence and due diligence research. 

What is litigation data?

Litigation data refers to any document which contains details of litigants, including case law (either in judgment or reported form) and court dockets. There are also other documents which can name litigants, including official gazettes, news and blogs, all of which are available on vLex Justis.

It is slightly different from the term legal information, which includes the types of content listed above, but would also be used to describe legislation, codes, forms and contracts, practice notes, and more.

What litigation data does vLex Justis contain?

The common law litigation data available from vLex Justis includes the largest collection of UK superior court judgments, the largest collection of Irish case law, the largest collection of Caribbean cases, exclusive cases from New Zealand, a comprehensive collection of US federal and state law, extensive collections from Canada and Australia, and exclusive offshore content including the Bermuda Law Reports, Cayman Islands Law Reports and Jersey Law Reports.

vLex Justis also houses extensive coverage of civil law litigation data. This includes the largest collection of judgments from Latin America and extensive coverage of European case law, with large collections from Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Alongside the largest global collections of litigation data available online, vLex Justis also contains a range of other important legal information, including UK court dockets, comprehensive coverage of Gazettes from across Latin America, and global news and blogs from over 120 sources.

To ensure that you can conduct complete research within vLex Justis, as well as one of the world’s largest collections of litigation data, the service also indexes common law data from over 100 other sources. This means that when you conduct a search for a party name, vLex Justis will include results both inside and outside of our coverage. Where a document isn’t available on the service, vLex Justis will direct you to a service where you can access it, including both free and subscription-based sources.

The largest collections – reported and unreported litigation data

vLex Justis is able to offer the world’s largest collections of litigation data because it contains both reported and unreported case law. Reported case law, also known as law reports, are important for some areas of the legal industry as they are seen as authoritative, and highlight many of the important, precedent-setting cases. However, law reports are highly selective; in the UK only around 20% of superior court cases are reported – vLex Justis also provide access to the 80% which go unreported. This trend of the majority of cases going unreported is prevalent across common law jurisdictions, and we provide unreported litigation data so that our users can conduct more thorough research than has previously been possible.

The advantages of unreported litigation data for investigations research

Unreported case law offers specific advantages for investigations research. Importantly, the extra volume that they offer is important when investigating an individual or company, as they enable a more complete search to be conducted. Alongside this, unreported judgments are also more cost-effective, as there is no legally trained editor required to determine the precedent-setting value of a case and produce a detailed headnote, as there is with law reports.

Try vLex Justis today

To enable you to experience the benefits of being able to access the vast range of content on vLex Justis, and to experience how it will benefit your work, we are currently offering free trials of our investigations package, which contains a range of our global content specifically chosen for the investigations and due diligence industries. Sign up for a trial of this comprehensive package here.

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