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Justis International Law and Technology Writing Competition 2019: Shortlisted entries

Justis International Law and Technology Writing Competition 2019: Shortlisted entries

Posted by david-hand | 07 January 2019

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who entered the Justis International Law and Technology Writing Competition 2019. We are extremely pleased to have received entries from a range of universities around the world.

“The entries last year and this year have been beyond expectation. We are all extremely enthused to know that students are taking the time and effort to create interesting and extremely well-thought-out articles on these important topics. All students who entered should be extremely proud of their work. Producing a shortlist has been extremely difficult and required us to be very critical. The articles chosen for our shortlist this year have gone above and beyond with their creativity and originality, while also demonstrating an ability to write about the law and technology at a professional and publishable level.”

Dr Matthew Terrell, Head of Marketing, Justis.

Writing Competition 2019 shortlist


The official Writing Competition 2019 shortlist:


Access to Justice and Technology:

Eleanor De, City, University of London

Yekalo Ghebremichael Ghebremedhin, Adi-Keih College of Business and Social Sciences

Rachel Rotimi, University of Nottingham

Henrietta Boyle, City, University of London

Oluwatobi Taiwo, Nottingham Trent University

Viktoria Winzer, University of Oxford


Social Media, Technology and the Law:

Ee Hsiun Chong, University of Oxford  

Kirsee Ali, Hugh Wooding Law School

Catherine Rong Fu, London School of Economics and Political Science  

Christopher Grosset, University of East Anglia

Iphigenia Fisentzou, BPP University

Tahwinder Upile Singh, Portsmouth University


The Future of Legal Technology:

Mykola Stasiuk, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Walter Myer, University of Oxford

Alec McIlwraith-Black, University of Alberta

Rex Yuan, University of Queensland

Kimberley Rust, University of Sheffield

Haitham Salman, City, University of London

Not shortlisted?

As we received so many good articles, across all topics, we are currently reviewing all notable entries. More information will be posted on our social media soon. The Data, Education and the Law category was removed from the shortlisting process due to a low level of interest.


Prizes and awards

The grand prize winner will be presented with a glass engraved award alongside their £2,000 grand prize. The authors of the articles selected as Best in Category will each receive £250 from Justis. All shortlisted entries will receive a signed certificate from Justis.


Tell me more about the judging process

After ensuring that we had the right information for the authors, such as proof of student status after entries closed on 1st December 2018, we began the shortlisting process at the Justis HQ.

Each article was read and scored on a range of areas including supporting evidence, relevance to the topic area, and plagiarism. We scored each of these areas on a 5-point scoring system, and each entry that scored 4 or above was re-examined and critiqued in detail to produce the final shortlist above. During this process, the Data, Education and the Law category was removed from the topics list due to a low level of interest.

The shortlisted articles have now been anonymised and sent directly to each judge. Each judge submits their scores, comments and recommendations to Justis. These are then collated to reveal the winner and Best in Category articles.

As with last year, we have chosen to reveal the judges at a later date to keep the competition impartial and fair and provide the judges with an opportunity to read the anonymised articles without bias.


What happens next?

The winner of the Justis International Law & Technology Writing Competition 2019 will be announced on Friday 15th February 2019. The announcement will be posted on the Justis Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages.

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